This Colorado Hotel May Be the First Carbon Positive Hotel in the U.S. — and We Got a Sneak Peek Inside

In 2022, Populus, a soon-to-open hotel in Denver, made waves by announcing it planned to be the first “carbon positive” hotel in the United States. (This means the hotel will remove more carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air than it emits, resulting in negative carbon emissions.) Now, it’s unveiling its interiors, proving that going green can be incredibly stylish, too.

The hotel, set to open in 2024, is sharing its first interior photos with Travel + Leisure, showcasing spaces reflective of the brand’s all-natural ethos. It makes sense considering its moniker is the scientific name for aspen trees (Populus tremuloides) and its exterior is meant to mimic the distinct eye-shaped patterns on the tree.


Put together by the team at Wildman Chalmers Design, guests can soon experience a space that feels both warm and calming with neutral tones like sand-colored flooring, terra cotta decor, and pops of pistachio green throughout its 265 rooms and common spaces. Plus, there’s a unique art collection curated by artist and environmentalist Katherine Homes to add distinct visual elements. 

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