About | Urban Villages

Deeply Inspired by
Nature, for People

Passion drives us. We pour ourselves into our work because we truly believe our projects make the world a better place.

     The built environment accounts for 40% of the total energy consumption in the United States.

     The construction industry consumes nearly 50% of all natural resources extracted from the planet.

     Cities and towns last hundreds of years.

     Communities are constantly changing and evolving.

As a real estate company, Urban Villages is different. Our projects use less energy, consume fewer natural materials, create long-lasting returns, and evolve over time in tandem with our communities. The result is an inherently sensory experience deeply inspired by nature, for people.

Nature-Inspired Alchemy

Mother Nature is millions of years ahead of us. A simple seashell has evolved as an incredibly stable structure that is light enough to carry, accented with spectacular symmetry and color. This evolutionary R&D of the natural environment is our greatest sense of inspiration. We create communities that embrace nature and play an active role in regenerating the living environment for generations to come.

Dedication to Detail

The world in front of us is defined by details; thousands of brushstrokes make a masterpiece. We ensure the legacy of our projects through dedication to every detail. Our commitment to breathing life into the smallest elements of design creates an interwoven blend of longevity and vibrancy.

Evolving Community

Cities and towns, like people, are always evolving. Demands, preferences, and opportunities are always changing. The built environment should be designed and managed to evolve harmoniously with its surroundings. Our approach looks outward. We continually reinvest in our projects to ensure a built environment that supports the changing needs of our communities.

Enduring Economic Vitality

Advancing short-term profits often erodes long-term value. The negative repercussions of design shortcuts, poor material selection, and sloppy execution can take years to materialize. We believe that lifecycle performance and multigenerational returns are the metrics that should guide every financial decision we face on a project. As a result, we consistently outperform the market and create sustained value for our investors and our communities.

The core of who we are is defined by our people.