Can you be an eco-friendly traveler in Denver?

If nothing else, Earth Day each April serves as a reminder to be mindful of everyday habits — from how your home is powered to what you do with leftovers. Once you leave home though, how can you continue to reduce your carbon footprint as you explore the earth in pursuit of new experiences, sights and people?

The biggest news in “green” lodging isn’t open yet, but Denver is on track to be home to the nation’s first carbon-positive hotel, Populus. Created by Urban Villages, the hotel is expected to open later this year with 265 rooms, a rooftop restaurant and bar, and ground floor retail space.

The promise of being carbon positive is going to be made by planting at least 5,000 acres of forest, which offsets a carbon footprint. They will also use low-carbon concrete mix and “high-recycled” content materials. The hotel developers also aim to receive LEED gold certification.