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WORK: Corporate + Shared Office

Office space is changing. A growing majority of office users are moving toward open floorplans and high-tech infrastructures. In designing the office component of a project, the entire building must be considered from the inside out. We believe the most effective design of the space includes several built-in features that provide ultimate flexibility and long-term leasing and operational efficiency. Regardless of our ultimate user, office spaces need to be designed to support natural light, reduce acoustic distractions, create flexibility, and introduce collaborative working spaces.

Designing a high-performance office space can greatly reduce the required square footage per employee and can also increase overall employee happiness. The key to making workers happy and productive is having a mix of spaces for different activities. Office workers still spend most of the day at their desks, but when it’s time to collaborate with others, moving to a different environment can help shift gears and encourage open communication.

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The Great Western Building, Denver, Colorado

“A dynamic and efficient work environment increases productivity, improves employee morale, and supports recruitment efforts. Employers are recognizing this more and more every day, driving increased demand for well-designed and managed office space.”

Wade Rankin

The Great Western Building, Denver, Colorado

The Great Western Building is an iconic cornerstone in the lower-downtown historic district of Denver, Colorado. This 1906 structure houses the oldest operable elevator west of the Mississippi and has been completely reinforced and modernized. The mixed-use building houses two local restaurants on the ground floor with six upper levels of state-of-the-art office space. The modern infrastructure, open floorplans, and unobstructed views in all four directions, combined with the original historic charm make this building one of the most sought-after office locations in the city. This building celebrates the highest office rents for any building of its class in the city. A modern addition to the building is currently under construction and will add 15,000 square feet of additional office space, multiple outdoor workspaces, and a secondary lobby and mechanical infrastructure.