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LIVE: Luxury + Micro + Workforce

Shelter is a fundamental human need and a critical component of a thriving community. As our population rises and our urban environments densify, we must apply creative solutions to meet the growing demand for housing. That requires a combination of luxury and workforce housing to meet the widest possible spectrum of economic conditions.

Housing comes in many forms and colors. We pride ourselves on our ability to apply thoughtful design, introduce natural elements, and bring together a dynamic mix of uses to all of our housing developments. Whether it’s the highest-quality luxury apartments available in the market, the most livable micro units offered in the city, or the most attainable and vibrant workforce housing in the community, Urban Villages strives to provide dynamic living environments where all people may thrive.

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Bradburn Row, Westminster, Colorado

  • Bradburn Row at Night
  • Westminster at Night
  • Bradburn Row Kitchen
  • Bradburn Row Windows
  • Bradburn Row Sidewalk
  • Bradburn Row Exterior

“Our homes are an integral part of who we are as individuals. Housing needs are as diverse as our own populations. We can’t provide a platform for success through cookie-cutter communities or static design. We must provide a range of options at a variety of price points — but all with the same attention to detail and design.”

Sallie Hutcheson
Marketing Manager

Bradburn Row, Westminster, Colorado

Bradburn Row Townhomes and Apartments is a 310-unit apartment community located in Westminster, Colorado. Bradburn Village is a $220 million, 125-acre New Urbanist community with nine community parks, two recreation centers, and numerous stores and restaurants. Designed with a Main Street and an interesting mix of homes, shops, cafés, and workplaces, Bradburn Village embodies timeless principles of traditional neighborhood design. Four distinct neighborhoods are an easy walk from a pedestrian-friendly village core — it’s a mix of a residences interspersed with parks and community centers, all adjacent to a regional open space trail system. Of the more than 300 single-family homes, 42 are solar-powered, making Bradburn Village the largest solar-powered neighborhood in Colorado.