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RELAX: Retail + Food & Beverage + Services

Retail creates the character of a neighborhood and defines the identity of an individual building. Most people prefer to work and live near dynamic retail environments, further fueling the importance of cultivating a thriving mercantile atmosphere. Gathering with family at a chef-driven restaurant, finding a special gift at a fashion boutique, drafting a business plan at an artisan café, meeting a date at a modern wine bar, calming a busy mind at a tranquil yoga studio, buying flowers from a local florist…we live some of the most memorable moments of our lives through extraordinary retail experiences.

When we build and lease retail spaces, we start by researching the surrounding neighborhoods. We define the mix of retail uses that will flourish in a specific location and then seek out specific operations that fit best in our project. We start with a committed dive into the product, design, concept, and, most important, the people. This approach allows us to find entrepreneurs with great concepts and creative execution. This results in truly unique shopping and dining experiences with local flare and original narratives.

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Main Street, Sewickley, Pennsylvania

  • Sewickley Main Street
  • Sewickley Shop
  • Sewickley Dining Room
  • Sewickley Street Fair
  • Sewickley Yoga Class
  • Sewickley Food Counter

“When we think about retail, we start with defining the right mix for the project. Then we look for great concepts and get to know the people behind them. Sometimes we partner with them and help develop their brand. And once they’re open for business, we work hard to cultivate the retail environment and set them up for long-term success.”

Kyle Mason
Director of Operations

Main Street, Sewickley, Pennsylvania

Sewickley Village, founded in 1853, was named after the Native American word for the water that runs from a maple tree — “seweekly,” meaning “sweet water.” Just 12 miles from downtown Pittsburgh, Sewickley’s charming main street and surrounding historic farms and brick mansions are a thriving example of what small-town America can become. Urban Villages led an effort to revitalize this hamlet, renovating and repositioning much of the historic main street. Today, Sewickley is a retail destination for the City of Pittsburgh.