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Enhancing the Urban
Fabric Through
Modern Contextual Design

BUILD: Urban Infill

Our cities are an essential part of our culture and our economy. More and more Americans are moving back to the city, reversing the Suburban Exodus of the 20th century. While the historic corners and heritage communities make an urban core unique, quality design and new construction allow for added density and long-term vitality. Vacant land and parking lots obstruct urban continuity and weaken the solidity of our downtown communities. Communities evolve over time, creating an ever-changing demand for new infill projects to support and enhance the urban fabric.

While our historic buildings must be cherished, we recognize the beauty of modern design intermingled with heritage places. Some argue that new additions to the fabric of a historic urban environment should replicate the old. We believe that a new building in a historic community must respect the special character of the context but embrace modern design. Layering architecture from different periods creates a living reflection of progress and creativity. And when executed correctly, new construction can add a modern interpretation to the urban fabric just as historic buildings celebrate heritage.

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SugarCube, Denver, Colorado

“All of our projects are designed and constructed to last hundreds of years. That longevity creates heightened responsibility. We are establishing urban communities where people live, work, create, relax, and travel not only today — but for generations. It’s important we do it right.”

Jon Buerge
Vice President

SugarCube, Denver, Colorado

SugarCube, located in the heart of lower-downtown Denver, has redefined urban-infill and real estate cultivation. Through its timeless design and unparalleled quality of construction, this signature asset honors the history of the surrounding neighborhood while maintaining a modern design. This 165,000-square-foot mixed-use development includes 100,000 square feet of Class AA office space, 18,000 square feet of high-end ground-floor retail, 37 ultra-luxurious apartments, 133 underground parking spaces, and a state-of-the-art 19kW solar array on the roof. The building celebrates market-leading residential, office, and retail rents for the City of Denver. SugarCube has set a new standard for urban infill and mixed-use design and has become the epicenter for work/live/play.