West Village

The largest net-zero energy community in the United States

West Village - University of California, Davis

West Village is a residential neighborhood located adjacent to the campus of the University of California, Davis. The project houses over 2,300 students, faculty, and staff, and includes recreation centers and study facilities. A network of parks, gardens, pathways, and courtyards reduces reliance on cars and contributes to overall well-being.

In a joint venture with Carmel Partners and a pioneering public-private alliance, we structured a deal that provided ownership flexibility under a long-term ground lease with the University. We also forged cooperative relationships with the University, utility company, and local municipality. This collaborative approach was integral to executing such a complex project. An intricate horizontal infrastructure design helped us meet goals of on-site power generation, zero waste, and careful water management, as well as pedestrian and bicycle access.

Square Feet

Gross: 844,000 SF

Residential: 800,000 SF /Retail: 44,000 SF


663 (2604 beds)


Engaged with property 2008 – 2020   


“All of our projects are designed and constructed to last hundreds of years. That longevity creates heightened responsibility. We are establishing urban communities where people live, work, create, relax, and travel not only today — but for generations. It’s important we do it right.”

Jon Buerge
President, Urban Villages

Energy Efficiency

Nearly $7.5 million in federal and state grants to study net zero energy systems supported this project. Energy efficient measures — including web and smartphone applications for monitoring consumption — have reduced demand by approximately 50 percent compared with current building code requirements.

More Bikes, Fewer Cars

A network of parks, gardens, pathways, and courtyards limits energy consumption and enhances overall health.