Urban Villages | Real Estate Development & Property Management

Creating Places
That Endure,
Inspire, and Connect


The built environment is more than just bricks and mortar. It’s not just neighborhoods, cross streets, and physical addresses. It is human creation — the conception of place.

We personally connect with our environment — both built and natural. Where we live, where we work, where we play…it becomes a part of us. It has a dramatic effect on how we live our lives, how we run our businesses, and how we interact with people. This is our ethos. It guides every Urban Villages project from conception to stabilization. We create places where people and businesses thrive.

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We are good stewards for our investors, for our partners and tenants, for our neighbors and communities, and for our environment. We align the long-term interests for each of these stakeholders well before any dollars are spent, any promises are made, or any partnerships are created.

Our Process